Frequently asked questions – Trademarks and geographical indications

Opposition to trademark registration – basic notions

Reform in the trademark field in Romania

How to protect a trademark in Romania

A. Basic questions

1. What is a trademark?

Any sign, such as words, including names or designs, letters, numbers, colors, figurative elements, the shape of the product or product packaging, or sounds, may constitute a trademark, provided that such signs are capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one enterprise from those of other enterprises and being so represented in the Trademark Register as to enable the competent authorities and the public to determine the clear and precise subject matter of protection granted to their owner.

B. Procedure of filing an application and and registering the trademark

1. Who can apply for a national trademark ?

Any natural or legal person may apply for a trademark registration

C. Time limits

1. How long after filing shall be a trademark registration application be published?

Within 7 days from the granting of the filing date, the application for registration of the trademark that meets the requirements provided for by law shall be published, in electronic format, under the conditions provided by the Implementing Regulations to this law.

D. Fees and payment methods

1. What are the fees for trademark registration ?

The main fees to be paid for trademark registration are:

- fee for the application registration 
- fee for the application publication
- fee for the substantive examination of the application
- fee for the trademark certificate issuance.

E. Opposition

1. Who can file an opposition to a trademark registration ?

The opposition may be filed, based on the relative grounds for refusal provided by Art. 6 of the law, by any interested person.

F. Procedures for international trademark protection

1. Does registration with OSIM only offer national protection or international protection too?

Trademark registration with OSIM provides protection only at the national level.

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