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Here you may find the notification from EPO

Electronic filing of patent applications or translations using the EPO-OLF software requires a smart card. Smart cards identifies authorized persons for signing/sending filings, protected by PIN code, is based on electronic signature and communicates with the PC using a smart card reader.
Your EPO-OLF package consists of the smart card, smart card reader with PIN code and a CDROM with the required software. This package can be ordered free of charge from EPO (European Patent Office).
In order to obtain your package please fill-in the  enrollment form on EPO epoline portal  and follow the steps indicated there.

Please send also to OSIM  the document that EPO will ask you to sign and send to them during the process of obtaining the smart card. You may send it to OSIM either by fax at  +40 21 315 42 44  or scanned as PDF at: .

Important !!!

  1. Do not install the Online filing software provided on the CDROM in this package. It is an old version. For Online filing related software click here !!!
  2. Starting with September 20, 2010 you will have to register by your self the smart card certificate following the self enrollment procedure described below:

    1. make sure the (smart card) certificate is registered in your web browser, if you are using a smart card, make sure it is inserted in the reader and that all proper software drivers are installed, otherwise the registration page will not work.
    2. to register, please fill in the form on the registration page (select your certificate and enter your pincode when asked).

Once you’ve successfully registered your (smart card) certificate you will have instant access to the service and you can start using the Online Filing software and file to the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks.

For technical support, click on HELPDESK


Digital certificates issued by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) allow to file only PCT international patent applications using the  PCT-SAFE (Secure Applications Filed Electronically) software.
In order to obtain your free of charge digital certificate please fil-in this  request form on WIPO web page.  After the request has been approved by the WIPO Customer Certification Authority and the certificate is ready to be issued (normally within one working day), you will receive an e-mail containing instructions on certificate retrieval from WIPO.

Digital certificates issued by WIPO do not need to be registered at OSIM.