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 Starting with 15.10.2019, OSIM, as a receiving Office, accepts the electronic registration of international applications
        according to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) through ePCT.
        You can access ePCT here: ow.ly/OYls50wLC6N

Starting with 01.03.2009, the Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM) provides an electronic service you may use for filing the following types of applications:

  • According to the ORDER no. 112/21 November 2008 regarding the approval of the electronic filing of patent applications  (PDF):
    • Requests for granting national patents;
    • Requests for PCT opening Romanian national phase;
    • Translations of claims of European patent applications for obtaining provisional protection and translations of European patents.
  • According to international Treaties and Conventions:
    • EP applications according to the European Patent Convention (EPC), through OSIM for EPO . Terms and conditions for online filing of EP applications are published by the European Patent Office in  OJEPO 11/2002 pg.543-548;
    • PCT applications according to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), OSIM acting as receiving office. Terms and conditions for online filing of PCT applications are published in Part 7 and Annex F in the Administrative Instruction of PCT.

For all above mentioned applications filings can be done using the EPO system:   EPO Online Filing (EPO-OLF) , with a smart card issued by EPO. For PCT applications where OSIM acts as receiving office filings can be done also using PCT-SAFE software with a digital certificate issued by WIPO

OSIM continues to accept traditional filings on paper.

The reception date at OSIM for any type of electronic filed application is as follows:

  •  date of registration, printed on the receipt, if the receiving hour is between  00 00-16 30 EET, during working days Monday to Thursday or 0 00-1400 EET, during working day Friday;    or
  •  date of next working day after the date printed on the receipt, if the day and the hour on the receipt is not in the intervals mentioned above.

What is to be done for electronic filing:


  •  Lower registration fee at OSIM for patent applications filed electronically;
  •  Both the PCT and the EPC include lower registration fees for international applications and EP applications when filed electronically;
  •  Money saving for applicants/agents when filing by reducing costs with clerk activity, paper work and postal expenses;
  •  Indication of errors and omissions during key-in using an interactive validation system;
  •  Safe and secure system using the latest technology for data encryption with smart cards;
  •  Provides instant receipt with date and number of registration when filing at OSIM.


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