For e-OLF smart card users (patents online filing)

     For e-OLF smart card users (patents online filing):
         After a major Windows 10 update from Microsoft it is possible to get one of the following error(s) when trying to use the smart card, and not allowing you to finalize the process of online filing:
              • Cannot initialize reader connection error or OLF smartcard not recognized

         The European Patent Office (EPO) sent a notification where the issue and the cause is described, and they also provide a solution to fix this problem. EPO also asked Microsoft to fix this bug but cannot give a date when this will happen. Until then, the solution indicated by EPO works. Here you may find the notification from EPO.

Useful information to OSIM partners, that have their own e-mail servers

Useful information to OSIM partners, that have their own e-mail servers

Our office’s e-mail servers were affected recently by the EMOTET malware and we had to implement additional security measures such as: SPF, DMARK, configuration etc.
In case your e-mails were rejected by OSIM’s e-mail server, it could be because your e-mail server does not have implemented the respective security standards.
This is the reason we kindly ask you to implement the respective security measures and before that follow the recommendations bellow that will help continue our communication:

  1. Contact us (any e-mail address with the suffix) using a public e-mail server (such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc) and in addition to your message, please indicate the e-mail address that is being rejected by our servers and also your contact information (e.g. phone number)
  2. OSIM will include the respective address, indicated by you, in an exception list and for a limited period of time. From that moment onward, you will be able to send e-mail to us, using that respective address.

Kindly note that this is just a temporary solution offered by OSIM, until you will upgrade the security standards of your e-mail server to the above mentioned requirements. The exception list will be kept in place for a limited time in order to avoid further malware attacks on our servers.

EUIPO Convergence program

CP6 – “Convergence on graphic representations of designs” • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Common Practice • Common Communication* * Regarding the Point 3.2.4, letter f) in p. 36 of “Common Communication (Principles of common practice)” on convergence on graphic representation of designs, OSIM accepts such views in the application but it cannot admit them …

Trademarks and Geographical indications

The trademarks and service marks are signs used by enterprises and trade companies in order to distinguish their goods and /or services from similar or identical goods of other enterprises, companies and in order to stimulate the improvement of the quality of goods and services. National legislation for Trademarks and geografical indications

Industrial Property Offices

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Industrial Property authorities / organisations

    World Intellectual Property Organization     EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office)     European Patent Office     Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP)     Eurasian Patent Organization / Office (EAPO)     African Regional Industrial Property Organization (ARIPO)     International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA)     International Council for Scientific and Technical Information

How to Get a Romanian Patent

I. GENERAL INFORMATION International conventions and treaties ratified by Romania in the field of patents Other agreements Patent legislation in force in the field of patents Publications II. PATENT LAW – ESSENTIALS III. PATENTABILITY Patentable invention Exceptions to patentability Subjects – matters of patentable inventions: product, process, method Disclosure of invention Unity of invention IV. …