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   Forms for Documentary Search
   Forms for Patents
               Patent Application (in Word - 150Kb) - (in pdf - 380Kb)
   Forms for Trademarks and Geographical Indications
               Trademark Registration Application - in pdf - 698Kb
               Trademark Renewal Application (in Word - 82Kb) - (in pdf - 1170Kb)
               Application for the Registration/Renewal of a Geographical Indication (in Word - 98Kb) - (in pdf - 200Kb)
               Opposition to the Registration of a Trademark (in Word - 28Kb) - (in pdf - 147Kb)
               Power of Attorney for Proceedings before the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (in Word - 31Kb) - (in pdf - 119Kb)
   Forms for Industrial Designs
          Industrial Design Registration Application (in Word - 130Kb) - (in pdf - 282Kb)
        Industrial Design Renewal Application (in Word - 80 Kb)
   Forms for Topographies of Semiconductor Products
          Application for the Registration of a Topography of a Semiconductor Product (in Word - 69Kb) - (in pdf - 422Kb)
   Forms for the Registration of a Variety Patent Application
          Variety Patent Application (in Word - 102Kb) - (in pdf - 263Kb)
         Form for a Variety Denomination Proposal (in Word - 55Kb) - (in pdf - 70Kb)
 Form for the Supplementary Protection Certificate for Medicaments and the Supplementary Protection Certificate for Plant Protection Products
        Application for a Supplementary Protection Certificate- (in Word )

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