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5, Ion Ghica Street, sector 3, Bucharest, ROMANIA
Zip code 030044

Phone: +4021.306.08.00; +4021.306.08.01,
until +4021.306.08.29

Fax: +4021.312.38.19
Http:/ www.osim.ro

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OSIM carries out its activity as a specialized government body having sole authority over the territory of Romania in ensuring the protection of industrial property. 
The first Trademark Law was adopted by the Romanian Parliament in 1879. 
The first Romanian Patent Law entered into force on January 17, 1906; on the same day, the Romanian Patent Office was set up and it continued to function - under different forms - up to now. 
Romania is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). 
Romania has concluded a Cooperation Agreement with the European Patent Organization on the extension to Romania of the effects of the European Patents. 
OSIM has its own INTERNET page: http://www.osim.ro

A picture of the building is attached. 

The main tasks of OSIM are: 

- taking an active part to the working out of the national strategy in the field of industrial property protection in Romania; 

- implementing the governmental policy in this field; 

- working out legislative proposals specific to its field, having in view the harmonization with the provisions of international agreements where Romania is a party; 

- granting the protection titles in the field of industrial property protection on the national territory. 

Since 1990, OSIM prepared and proposed the main laws in the field of industrial property protection, so that Romania has now a set of modern laws (accompanied by the relevant implementing Regulations) which are completely harmonized with the international provisions in the field: 
- Patent Law (no.64/1991); 

- Law concerning Trademarks and Geographical Indications (no.84/1998); 

- Industrial Design Law (no.129(1992) 

- Law concerning Topographies of Semiconductor Products (no.16/1995). 

At the Office's initiative, the activity of the Industrial Property Attorneys was established. 
Following the Office's proposals, Romania adhered to a series of international treaties in the field: Madrid, Locarno, etc. 
The specific duties of OSIM involved in attaining the object of its activity: 

- it ensures the protection of industrial property according to the special laws and international agreements where Romania is a party; 

- it is the depositary of the national registers of filed patent applications and titles of protection granted to inventions, trademarks, appellations of origin, industrial designs, topographies of semiconductor products; 

- it administers, preserves and develops the national patent collection, by international exchange, and generates the database in the field of industrial property; 

- it edits and publishes the patent specifications; 

- it edits and publishes the Official Industrial Property Bulletin with its sections on patents, trademarks, industrial designs; 

- it edits and publishes, regularly, the Romanian Industrial Property Review as well as other publications designed for the promotion of the object of its activity; 

- it renders specialized services in the field of industrial property, upon request; 

- it examines and authorizes the industrial property attorneys; 

- it lends assistance in the field of industrial property and organizes training courses, seminars and symposia on industrial property topics, upon request; 

- it fulfils any other tasks deriving from the legal provisions and the international agreements where Romania is a party. 

national: - the Government of Romania and other governmental bodies; 

- large entreprises, as well as small and medium entreprises, in all the branches of the economy (industry, agriculture, trade, tourism, etc.); 

- universities and other units of the educational system; 

- associations of the industrial property attorneys; 

- associations of the inventors. 

foreign: - The European Patent Office; 

- The World Intellectual Property Organization; 
- The World Trade Organization; 

- national Offices for Industrial Property of other states.